soda pop

it was almost done, she was just replacing the radiator on the midsize truck, when he got home. his shining boots tapped across the garage floor to just behind her.  she was bent over the front of the truck. her firm ass poised under her grease stained bluejeans, her own boots scuffed and bound w duct tape stood on tip toe to reach that last ruddy bolt.
a firm hand cupped her ass and moved inward over her. “Good afternoon handsome, Lemme go shower im all greasy”
“Shhhhhh greasy or not, your mine” he pressed the button in his pocket and the bay door closed, she stood up her face shining her arms covered in a mess of oils and scratches black ick under all her fingernails. he reached over her and dropped the hood then took her by the back of her neck and bent her over the hood. he smoothly brought her hands together behind her back and with a free hand reached to his belt for the cuffs and sliped them quicky on to her wrists
the cold steel pressed in to the bones in her wrists as he pressed her arms firmly up her back his right hand working quicky to dismantle her maze of belts and buttons
“What have i told you about belts pet?”
“that you dont like them, master”
“Thats right, i dont like them on you it hinders my usuing you, yet it was on you any way, what are we going to do about this pet?”
“Sir im sorry, I… “
He pulled the belt out of each of the loops one by one and foled it in half holding the buckle in his hands. He finished moving her pants down to her knees held her down over the hood and began to spank her.
“How many do you think pet? Just say so when you think you will remember.”
he started on her firm tush redding almost instantly and moving on slowly adding welts to her thighs then slowly smack slap crack back up to her stinging ass. she counted 15 by this time and wimpered
“Soda Pop”
“Ok pet, i trust you will remember this next time.” his hand slipped between her legs and fet her pussy dripping and smooth she moaned her body begging for more, she wanted him, all of him inside her at that moment she began to rub her self on his hand. “I sometimes think you wear the belt on porpose pet”
she replied only with a giggle. he caressed the hair off her sholder and firmly grasped the back of her neck while he undid his own pants. in a smooth well practiced move he spread her legs partign her feet w his and inserted himself into that warm tight spot. She loved taking him on from behind like this it was a special treat to her she giggled in delight as laied his forarm on her spine and and pulled her hair. He continued to pump himself in to her until she cried out
“Master Pleaase! may I cum???!!!”
this is what he had been waiting for he pulled back and said
she stood upright and turned a shocked and angry look on her face, then it sofened in to compliance as he droped her to her knees still hands behind her back he moved the hair from her face for her as he wispered “no belts” and intruduced his cock in to her soft mouth. she could taste her pussy all over his shaft, it was sweet, she had been so close!
he slammed himself in to her face gagging her on his dick, using it to restrict her breathing not allowing her to get a rytham, he was a considerate man though, he placed his hand in the back of her head allowing it to take hits on to the grill of the truck.
he was getting firmer now she could feel the veins on his member begin to swell.
“mmm such a good pet you are, you deserve a treat”
she gargled an “yes sir” as best she could.
Just then she felt it spay in to her mouth she wraped her toung around his cock gently licking at the head begging for every last drop of her treat.
“Good pet” he said as he ran his fingers through her hair, he lifted her up and held her in his arms for a moment, she could feel his hard vest under his shirt on her check as she rested her head and caught her breath still savoring his flavor in her mouth. just as expertly as he had put them on he sliped her cuffs off and replaced them on to his belt.
“go clean up pet, then come up to the room i will let you cum this time”

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